Solid Bricks


These bricks last for a long time and do not break easily.


Solid bricks are eco-friendly and sustainable


They are one of the cheapest brick options in the market

Energy Efficient

They form great insulation for your home

Great Strength

Solid bricks are designed to carry weight. They have great strength

Best Quality

Solid bricks offer the best quality of construction work

Solid Bricks Collection Products

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Solid Bricks

Solid Bricks

Solid Bricks

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What are solid bricks?

Solid bricks are the blocks of building and construction materials used for construction work. These are not hollow from the inside. They are great for load bearing and masonry work in general.

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Why is Bricks Street the best solid bricks provider in India?

Bricks Street is one of the best solid bricks provider in India because we have some of the best technology in the market. Even though we use the latest technology, we still believe in making our services affordable for all our customers. That is, no matter how advanced our work is, we do not sell expensive products. We want to be the bricks supplier who become the household name for all Indian construction companies.

We want our bricks to be part of all your construction projects. That is why we offer our solid bricks at such cheap rates so that all customers can benefit from them. We have worked with thousands of happy customers who have loved our products for years.

Why choose Bricks Street over other brick manufacturers? 

There are many brick manufacturers in India, then why choose us over the others? This is because we are committed to keeping making the best bricks for you. We do not promise you a product, take the price, and then not show up. Place your solid bricks orders by contacting us, and you will get the best value for your money. We assure 100% quality and a complete value for your money.

Applications of solid bricks in residential and commercial buildings construction purpose

Wall construction: Solid bricks are widely accepted in the building of walls for residential and commercial construction purpose. Solid bricks are very popular for its strength and durability.

Foundation: Solid bricks are also very useful in the foundation of buildings.

Thermal capabilities: Solid bricks have good property of thermal insulation, which is helping in maintaining a normal temperature.

Sound insulation: Sound insulation is another great property of sound insulation.

Fire resistance: Solid bricks are fire-resistant and can withstand high temperatures too.

Decorative purposes: Solid bricks can also be used for decorative purposes, such as creating accent walls

What are the top benefits of getting solid bricks from us?

Complete customer satisfaction
100% quality assurance
Best value for your money
On-time deliveries
One-time investment for lifetime products
Best strength
Top quality finish  


Why should I get solid bricks from Brickstreet?
We offer the cheapest rates for solid bricks in the market. You can compare our products with competitors to see that our prices are some of the lowest. But that does not mean we ever compromise on our product quality. 

Are solid bricks durable?
Solid bricks are one of the most durable bricks in the market. They are long-lasting and need very little maintenance after you build something with them. 

What affects the cost of your solid bricks?
The costs of the bricks depend on the type of solid brick you order. It also depends on the location of your delivery and the number of bricks you order.

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