10-hole Bricks


These 10 hole bricks last for a long time and do not break easily.


They are one of the cheapest 10 hole brick options in the market.

Energy Efficient

They form great insulation for your home


10-hole bricks are eco-friendly and sustainable

Great Strength

10-hole bricks are designed to carry weight. They have great strength

Best Quality

10 hole bricks offer the best quality of construction work


10 hole bricks products 1

10 Hole Bricks

10 hole bricks products 3

10 Hole Bricks

10 hole bricks products 2

10 Hole Bricks

10 hole bricks products 1

10 Hole Bricks

10 hole bricks products 3

10 Hole Bricks

10 hole bricks products 2

10 Hole Bricks

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What are 10-hole bricks?

Our 10-hole bricks are designed to absorb very little heat. The holes allow the excess heat to come out and cool down the house or walls in general. They are a great way to keep the temperatures in the house steady and cool. 

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Why is Bricks Street one of the best 10-hole brick manufacturers in India? 

Our 10-hole bricks are one of the best in the country. They are made with accuracy and precision. They are water resistant, robust, and have a lot of capacity to hold the load. These bricks are made with top technology and that is why it is one of the best contenders in the market. 

Throughout our 12 years of service and selling bricks to customers, all of them have loved our products and believed in our quality. Bricks Street always provide the best products made with precision to make your homes beautiful at an affordable rate. 

Why choose Bricks Street over other brick manufacturers? 

We offer a diverse range of products that are quality tested. We ensure that the designs, colours, textures, and types are all unique and top-notch. That is why we have become the first choice for construction traditional bricks among most construction companies across India. Connect with us to help us understand the type of brick you need so that we can come up with the best plans for you.

Top application of 10-hole bricks 

  • They are thermally insulated so you can use them to construct insulated walls
  • Best for acoustic partition walls 
  • Best used for eco-friendly construction works 
  • Used for both interior and exterior wall constructions

What are the top benefits of getting 8-hole bricks from us?

  • Complete customer satisfaction 
  • 100% quality assurance 
  • Best value for your money 
  • On-time deliveries 
  • One-time investment for lifetime products 
  • Best strength 
  • Top quality finish 


How light are the 10-hole bricks?

Since the 10-hole bricks are hollow and have 10 holes in them, they are light in weight and help with faster construction. 

Can using 10-hole bricks help me save money on construction work?

Yes, 10-hole bricks are a lot cheaper than other brick options, and it can make your construction work cheaper. 

Why should I buy bricks from Bricks Street? 

We are a customer-centric company, and we always work towards satisfying our customers. That is why you should trust us and buy your bricks from us.

Call our brick experts, and let’s get started