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What is Cladding Bricks ?

Brick cladding is an exterior facing for a structure which is made from bricks. Although cladding typically does not support weight and does not contribute to building stability. However, it serves several other essential functions. Brick cladding is a very old building material that many human cultures have used, and an example of it can be found all over the world. This cladding is sometimes not recommended in seismically active areas for safety reasons because bricks could collapse during an earthquake and cause injuries or damage to property. 

Brick cladding panels can change the look of a house, and there are options to fit any style. You should try to replicate a brick pattern or type to protect a house exterior from weathering or damage. On exterior walls, brick cladding can give the appearance of regular bricks while also being easy to install. This type of brick cladding which comes in panels, can be made to fit your home. However, these bricks are available in a wide range of colours and designs. Many homeowners prefer this type of cladding to others. The exterior of a wall can make it modern and durable with brick cladding

Features of Cladding Bricks

Easy Installations

Cladding tiles are sometimes called brick because they are installed before finishing.

Choice in texture and colour

Right now in the market, brick cladding is a huge attraction, and it is an alternative for many buildings that don’t have existing brickwork. If you are looking for brick wall cladding, then RGB facades. This offer tested brick cladding that can be laid efficiently and affordably and offers long-term durability and protection


Before being delivered on-site, cladding tiles are silicon treated to stop algae buildup and watermarks

Best Thermal performance

Another key feature of brick cladding is adding an additional layer of thermal protection, making it an ideal choice for buildings that suffer from thin walls or poor installation. Again this is where you need to demonstrate your skills as a brick cladder. The brick must be laid as tightly as possible, or it will look sloppy and have a lower thermal performance

Law maintenance

One of the best brick cladding features is low maintenance cost. Brick slip required little more than a regular power wash to remove signs of environment staining and stay looking fresh. However, as a result, brick cladding can last for decades requiring very little upkeep.

Installation of the cladding bricks

First and foremost step is brick cladding is spraying water on the brick wall while the tile to be installed for wall plaster cement.

Plaster the wall using a wooden hawk to the level of the surface. With the aid of a broom, roughen the plaster. After the plaster has had time to settle you can cure it as needed After that spray some water on the plaster after it has set before beginning the tile installation. Use colour water to soak the thread. 

Only cement can be used to make a paste of attaching tiles. If wanted, sand can be added. Apply a coating of this paste on the tiles back. Maintain the alignment for fastening the tiles by using the thread impression on the plaster as a guide.
Filling the grooves using a 1:1 ratio of cement and sand. 

However, you can also use a wooden foundation and bent rod to create the grooves. After these grooves have dried 4-5 hours, any excess cement can be brushed off. Pour some water on the grooves to cure them.


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Experience the perfect blend of durability and design with our superior brick cladding. Whether you’re exploring options for robust wall cladding bricks or seeking affordability without compromising style with our brick cladding tiles price, we’ve got you covered. Make a statement with our eye-catching red brick wall cladding or versatile brick tile cladding, ensuring your exterior stands out with grace and strength.

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Our collection of bricks cladding is a testament to our commitment to blending reliability with sophistication. Whether you favor the classic vibe of our cladding brick options or the modern twist in our brick wall cladding exterior designs, our exterior brick cladding tiles are bound to impress. Consider our lively red cladding tiles or get value for money with our competitive cladding bricks price.

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Transforming your building’s façade into a work of art is effortless with our exterior brick cladding. Our selection promises a mix of traditional beauty and modern elegance, perfect for any project. Our brick cladding exterior walls and exterior brick wall cladding options are timeless investments for enhancing your property’s curb appeal.

Red Brick Cladding: A Timeless Choice

Discover the versatility of red brick cladding for both inside and outside your property. Create warm, inviting interiors with our interior brick cladding or choose exterior brick tiles for enduring charm. Our brick tiles for exterior walls are celebrated for their combination of visual appeal and lasting durability.

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Enjoy premium quality without breaking the bank with our attractive brick cladding prices. Whether you’re browsing through our brick wall cladding tiles or unique cladding brick tile designs, affordability meets style in our collections. Transform any brick cladding wall into an artistic expression with Bricks Street, where even simple exposed brick tiles can make a big impact.

A World of Options with Cladding Brick Tiles

Our extensive range of cladding brick tiles offers more than just building solutions; they provide a chance for artistic expression. Opt for the earthy charm of terracotta brick cladding or the revolutionary convenience of cladding over brick for your renovation projects. Whether it’s the sturdy beauty of brick cladding exterior or the detailed elegance of brick cladding tiles for exterior walls, we cater to every preference.

Transform Your Walls with Premium Cladding Options

With our superior wall cladding brick solutions, durability and style go hand in hand. Choose from our range, and let the beauty of red brick cladding tiles captivate onlookers, reinforcing the elegance and resilience of your spaces.

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How we do it

With the continuous support of our dexterous crew of professional, we are providing exposed brick cladding of the highest possible quality, meeting the diverse requirement of our customers. In accordance with established industry standards, the offered brick cladding is designed under the visionary direction of skilled craftsmen using high-quality raw materials and advanced, sophisticated tools. Moreover, these brick cladding tiles are highly used for building faux brick wall. Cladding tiles are a great way to great the beautiful aesthetics of an exposed brick wall.

Cladding is the application of one material over another to provide a skin or layer.
In our brick cladding library, you can also select a different variety of cladding options. However, you can choose from our assortment; look how the brick looks with various mortar colours. An option for interior and exterior walls that is simple to install is brick tile, thin brick, or cladding tile. The brick cladding tiles give your tiles walls a little additional flair because they have colours that don’t deteriorate with time and require less maintenance. Buy brick cladding tiles from Brick Street, one of India’s top brick cladding manufacturers, suppliers and exporters. The price for the brick cladding tiles is affordable from us.